I'm not sure if you noticed, but your brain has been bleeding out of your nose for the past 10 years.

Do not be alarmed.

How do you define intelligence?

Do you sometimes wonder what it's like to be an animal, and if it is any different AT ALL from being a robot?

If any of these questions confuse you, you may be either drunk, or a typical Adderall-fueled tech industry prostitute. How's your latest app development project goin'? Excited about delivering the latest social media platform to the slobbering masses?

Welcome to the real world, asshole! Toss that mindcontrol device out the window and go terrorize your co-workers with that M-16 you've got stowed away! Do us all a favor.

If you are looking at a screen right now, most likely you are about to run into the bathroom door. Don't worry, it happens to everyone. You're pretty much no different than a driverless car.